trit: hair restoration

your hair deserves a trit!

trit pronounced as ‘treat’ is an innovative, immediate and non-invasive way to  create the appearance of fuller hair.

by weaving microscopic knots to a single strand of healthy hair, trit offers a customisable approach to meet different style preferences and individual needs. these synthetic hair extensions are designed to mimic the texture of real hair - soft, fine, and light, which contributes to a seamless look when integrated with your own hair!

whether you're looking for a hair restoration solution or want to experiment with colours, you can use trit to:
        • treat your hair thinning issues, by layering a shade of trit that closely matches your natural hair colour. the seamless blend achieved through this matching process helps create an undetectable result, which balances your hairline or narrows hair partings.
        • give your hair a treat, by adding delicate babylights! trit can create a soft gradient effect that adds dimension and depth to your hair colour. 

although trit can last up to a year, it's recommended to schedule a touch-up every trimester (approximately every three months) to maintain the best appearance and ensure your trit continues to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

the absence of glues or chemicals for attachment makes maintenance hassle-free. this means you don't have to worry about complicated removal processes or using special products to maintain the extensions.

the heat-resistant feature of trit extensions allows you to use your favourite styling tools, without any concerns about damaging the extensions.

you can treat trit just like your real hair, giving you the freedom and convenience to style and care for them as needed.

is this a trick or trit?



when it comes to attaching trit extensions, it's generally recommended to have at least 6-7cm of hair length! this length provides a sufficient base for the attachment of trit.

the strength and health the scalp and hair are important factors to consider when determining the amount of trit that can be attached. these factors influence the overall capacity and durability of the attachment. that's why, regular scalp treatments are highly recommended, to create a solid foundation.

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